College Student Fellowship Retreat in Virginia MountainsGive your college students a break at beautiful Eagle Eyrie! Our location, amenities, and affordable cost allows flexibilities to meet your group’s needs.

Eagle Eyrie offers:

  • Lodges that can hold 10 to 48 persons. They are equipped with appropriate arranged rooms for males and females. All lodges are designed with a lounge, fully equipped kitchen and dining area large enough for the capacity of the lodge.
  • Over 30 classrooms and a large auditorium. Many classrooms can be arranged to accommodate anywhere from 40 to 120 guests, with one up to 200 guests. Some classrooms are equipped with multi-media capabilities. The auditorium can hold up to 1,000 guests.
  • Top notch dining and food services. Meals are offered buffet style and include soup, salad, and beverage bars. Break service and banquet options are also available.
  • Tons of recreation options.

College Student Fellowship Retreat in Virginia Mountains

Retreat Costs and Info

Our pricing page lists the costs for lodging as well as meals. All lodges have kitchens so you have the option of eating some or all of your meals there to save money.

To receive a specific estimate for your retreat, fill out an Inquiry form for more information or call 434.384.2211. Or, complete a retreat reservation form if you’re ready to book your retreat!