We would welcome individual and church group volunteers to come and work. Eagle Eyrie will furnish lodging and meals for those working. We will have jobs and materials planned out. There are many skills we are in need of, but we can also use willing bodies. Here is a list of skills and jobs:

1. Removal of kitchen cabinets and tile floors
2. Interior and exterior painting
3. Furniture stripping
4. Making valances and furniture covers
5. Installation of exterior doors and storm doors
6. Installation of peel-and-stick tile floors
7. Electrical work (replacing lights)
8. Carpet cleaning (we have the machines)
9. Plumbing work (replacement of toilets and sinks)
10. General cleaning
11. Deck building
12. Replacement and repair of outdoor spigots
13. Installation of replacement windows
14. Installation of sidewalks (cement experience necessary)
15. Gutter installation and repair
16. Landscaping
17. Rock masonry repair
18. Reupholstering chairs
19. Painting furniture
20. Building trails

We would be happy to accommodate workers whenever it is convenient for you, as long as there is available space. If you are interested, you may call Stephanie Harrison at 434-384-2211 or email info@eagleeyrie.org.

Stephanie Harrison
Eagle Eyrie Volunteer Coordinator