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Sign up for our Work Blitz!

Aug 1, 2012   //   Comments Off on Sign up for our Work Blitz!

This year’s Volunteer Work Blitz is September 7 – 9 at Eagle Eyrie. We’ll be working on a number of projects across campus. Last year several dozen folks came and had a great time.

The best part? We’ll put you up and feed you – for free! Eagle Eyrie cannot happen without volunteers. We very much appreciate all of the work of our volunteers!

Interested in coming and/or bringing a group? We only ask that volunteers are ages 12 and up. Contact Stephanie Harrison (stephanie.harrison@eagleeyrie.org or 434.384.2211) for more information or to register.

MC2 missionaries in the local media

Jul 25, 2012   //   Comments Off on MC2 missionaries in the local media

WDBJ 7 and WSET 13 went around to different mission sites yesterday and interviewed some of our campers.

The WDBJ article can be found here and the WSET article can be found here.

Click here to watch the video.

Click here to watch the video at WSET.

Post-storm recap and thank you’s

Jul 3, 2012   //   Comments Off on Post-storm recap and thank you’s

Storm damage at Eagle Eyrie Conference Center, Lynchburg, VAAs our region continues cleaning up after last week’s derecho, we wanted to give a bit more of an update as to what’s happening at Eagle Eyrie.

When the storms hit, we had several groups on campus including a large number of campers attending CentriKid. Campus suffered down trees, loss of electricity, and even a couple instances of structural damage. Overall, we were pretty lucky that the damage was not worse.

Thank Yous

On our fifth full day without power, we want to first thank our guests who were understanding of the situation and helped us make the most of it. With the storm being described as dealing with a hurricane with no warning, patience and understanding went a long way.

We also want to thank the staff of Eagle Eyrie. George Saunders and his food service crew grilled out in the pavilion so guests didn’t go hungry. Jeff Poff’s maintenance staff worked ’round the clock to clear trees and debris. Monica Farmer’s housekeeping staff ensured that guests remained comfortable despite the soaring heat.

A special thank you goes to the Boonsboro Volunteer Fire Department. As noted by this Lynchburg News-Advance article, they housed a group staying in the Hoover Center Friday night after a blown-down tractor trailer blocked the way back up to Eagle Eyrie.

Going Forward

Because our office capacity is extremely limited, registrations for October VBMB events will now open July 9th. CentriKid III is now Thursday, July 6 through Sunday, July 9th. Our director, Rod Miller, is in touch with other retreat groups affected by the storm.

The storm was truly an extraordinary event; it will take quite awhile to return to “normal”. We thank everyone for their understanding and grace as we continue to clean up afterwards.

5 Reasons to Attend the Senior Adult Retreat

Jun 19, 2012   //   Comments Off on 5 Reasons to Attend the Senior Adult Retreat

Senior Adult Retreat at Eagle Eyrie Conference Center planned by Virginia BaptistsWe’re pumped about the Senior Adult Retreat this fall on October 22-24! There are several new features and changes that we believe will truly make this a retreat you don’t want to miss.

#1 – Meet the Boston Red Sox chaplain

When was the last time you met the chaplain of a big league team, much less a historic and hugely popular team? Dr. Bland Mason, who is also a church planter and pastor, will share his heart with us. His story of ministry in Boston is compelling and unique. Come see how God is using Bland to make a difference in the Kingdom.

#2 – Worship led by Drexel Rayford

Drexel Rayford is a favorite of many in Virginia. His talent, wisdom, and passion for Christ combine in a remarkable way. Drexel is the pastor of Walnut Grove Baptist Church and has helped with the Senior Adult Retreat in the past.

#3 – Enjoy the fall leaves in the mountains!

This is the first year the Senior Adult Retreat has been held in the fall. This week is normally peak or very close to peak for leaves here in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Come and surround yourself with God’s beauty!

#4 – Day trip to Poplar Forest

For an additional (small) fee, you can choose to go on a day trip to Thomas Jefferson’s vacation home, Poplar Forest, just down the road from us. Poplar Forest is currently being intensely studied to give us even more clues about Thomas Jefferson.

#5 – Unique Personal Interest Selections

This year you can come convert your old slides and pictures to digital format, learn some tips about Medicare, go on day trips, play disc golf, paint with water colors, and more! We’ll also have Bible Study, core strength exercises, and even learn some parables from Mayberry. No matter what you pick you’ll have a great time of learning, laughter, and fun.

Reinvigorated Senior Adult Retreat will be a (literal) hit

Jun 12, 2012   //   Comments Off on Reinvigorated Senior Adult Retreat will be a (literal) hit

Senior Adult Retreat at Eagle Eyrie Conference Center planned by Virginia BaptistsThe Senior Adult Retreat at Eagle Eyrie is back and truly better than ever. For 2012 and beyond the Senior Adult Retreat will be in the fall.

This year’s participants will be able to enjoy the fall colors on the mountain October 22-24. The theme this year is “The Gospel-Centered Life”.

Dr. Bland Mason, chaplain to the Boston Red Sox (yes, those Boston Red Sox), church planter and pastor of Boston’s City on the Hill Church will share his story and heart with our older adults.

Dr. Drexel Rayford, pastor of Walnut Grove Baptist Church in Mechanicsville, will lead our worship. Beloved by past participants, we are excited about the dual combo of Bland and Mason in leading the Senior Adult Retreat. Drexel will lead entertainment after Tuesday evening’s banquet meal.

Personal Interest Selections this year include a trip to Poplar Forest, fly-fishing, water colors, Bible Study, Parables of Mayberry, a trip to an apple orchard, and other informative and/or entertaining options.

Registration will open July 2, 2012. Learn more about the 2012 Senior Adult Retreat at www.eagleeyrie.org/sa.

The new Voight rooms are awesome!

Apr 13, 2012   //   Comments Off on The new Voight rooms are awesome!

Renovated rooms in Voight Conference Center at Eagle Eyrie, Lynchburg, VirginiaI’m currently writing this blogpost from Room 200 in the Voight Conference Center. My wife is leading a retreat this weekend and I currently have “nap duty” for my 3 year old and 10 month old sons.

Room 200 was the first room renovated under the “5 for $5k” sponsorship campaign we have going on for Voight. The carpet, beds, paint, furniture, artwork, and fixtures were all upgraded.

I’m currently laying on the bed and it’s very comfortable; I was struggling with the motivation to write this post as I want to take a nap too!

New renovated rooms at Voight Conference & Retreat Center, Lynchburg, VASince late last year we have received 3 sponsorships; this week we put the final touches on those 3 rooms (201-203) so all four rooms on the west side of Voight are now renovated.

Next time you’re here at Eagle Eyrie, try to stay in one of the rooms, or at least check them out. We’re still accepting sponsorships for the remaining 12 rooms!

“The madness of a hurry-scurry-worry world”

Mar 15, 2012   //   Comments Off on “The madness of a hurry-scurry-worry world”

Johnny Almond wrote the following post as to why he’s signed up for April’s “Unforced Rhythms of Grace” contemplative retreat here at Eagle Eyrie. Learn more and seriously consider joining him and others for a couple days away from the demands of the world.

The windstorm of worry never strengthens my soul. The earthquake of ego never brings me nearer to the Eternal One. The fire of fear never calms my heart. These three common approaches to life weaken, worsen, and wreck my inner being.

Contemplative, spiritual retreats in the Blue Ridge Mountains at Eagle Eyrie Conference CenterBut when I try the uncommon approach of silencing the comfort of noise, quieting my heart in the Presence of God, and listening for His still small voice, I am blessed with spiritual vitality, intimacy with my Savior, optimism to face tomorrow, and courage to tackle the challenges of ministry.

In the madness of a hurry-scurry-worry world … in the mayhem of an action-oriented society … in the mistakes of a works-mentality religious culture … I occasionally need a contemplative retreat – a time to recover sanity, calm down, replenish my soul for the journey, and enjoy the nonchalant waltz of grace.

Harmony is sweeter than hectivity. Peace is better than pandemonium. The blessing of stillness is better than the burden of stress. Knowing that God is God – and I am not – is the path to tranquility … something I can never find in common approaches to life, something I can always find in the uncommon approach of hushed humility in the presence of the Holy One.

Virginia Baptists are blessed with an uncommonly beautiful location for contemplative retreats – an eagle’s nest where souls can nestle near the heart of God and be refueled to outsoar mediocrity, outrun temptation, and outwalk faintheartedness. When I have an opportunity to go there, I relish that quiet place where I can wait for the Lord and renew my strength.

Three more Voight rooms to begin renovation this week!

Feb 13, 2012   //   Comments Off on Three more Voight rooms to begin renovation this week!

Eagle Eyrie is currently conducting a campaign to renovate the hotel rooms in our Voight Conference Center. For $5,000 a church, organization, or individual can sponsor a room renovation and receive 5 free nights of lodging for 5 years.

Currently we have one room done and three more fully paid for – this week we will begin work on those three! In other words, we’re 25% towards our goal with 12 more rooms that need to be renovated.

Why renovate? Because Eagle Eyrie wants to become the premier destination for retreats and conferences in the region. We believe that a comfortable room with an upgraded mattress will give you a restful night of sleep and fully allow you to “retreat” away from the busyness of daily life.

Here are some of our frequently asked questions:

What is included in the $5,000.00 room renovation?

A $5,000.00 gift covers the cost of new carpet, paint, bedding, blinds, art work, lighting, an upholstered chair, patio furniture, and other amenities. Of course, if the donor chooses, we can also upgrade the room to include a new dresser and other features depending on the size of the contribution.

Can I dedicate a room in honor or memory of someone?

Yes! Each room will carry a special plaque to be placed on the door commemorating both the donor and the recipient.

Will a flat screen television be placed in the room?

We debated this question quite a bit, but the short answer is no. We came down on the side that Eagle Eyrie and the Voight Conference Center is not just a hotel but a place of retreat. With that distinction we felt that a television would be out of place. That said, we do have one with satellite downstairs in the lobby area. We also feature Wi-Fi with the capability to stream video such as Netflix, Hulu, etc. on your laptop or device.

How can find out more information about sponsoring a room?

Please call Eagle Eyrie at 434.384.2211 and we’ll be happy to help.

New lodge photos and floor plans now online

Jan 10, 2012   //   Comments Off on New lodge photos and floor plans now online

Two Level Mid-size/medium sized lodges at Eagle Eyrie

Last Friday I took advantage of the unseasonably nice weather and walked up the mountain with my camera to take new photos of the lodges. Wow. I sometimes ‘forget’ that I work at Eagle Eyrie. Walking up there on a quiet afternoon overlooking the mountains was just what I needed.

The photos we did have of the lodges, well, they just didn’t cut it. We’ve done a lot of work on the lodges over the last few years and it was time for them to be updated.

In addition to taking new lodge photos we uploaded floor plans. They are all now listed and categorized by size with small lodges sleeping 14-20 people, mid-size lodges sleeping 22-28 people (and broken up by one level and two level lodges) and large lodges sleeping 29-45 people.

The next step is to take interior photos of all the lodges, but I’m going to save that for a little warmer weather!


Winter youth retreat at Eagle Eyrie?

Dec 29, 2011   //   Comments Off on Winter youth retreat at Eagle Eyrie?

As cold weather will finally begin to take hold of Virginia next week, it will finally begin to feel like winter!

Discover what several youth groups have already stumbled upon: the next few months are a great time to plan a youth retreat at Eagle Eyrie.


  • There aren’t many school breaks between now and Spring break – give your students a weekend to look forward to!
  • Space and availability options are greater than our peak times.
  • Enjoy a warm and refreshing bonfire for only $25!
  • Take advantage of our game and arcade room or enjoy hot chocolate from our ice cream shop!
  • Flexibility with meals – enjoy our own warm all you can buffets or use a lodge kitchen to save money and make your own.
  • We’re close to winter attractions such as Liberty’s Snowflex and Wintergreen.

A typical 2 night/4 meal retreat starts at $90/per person (BGAV churches receive a 10% discount on lodging and meals). Learn more about our youth retreat package, make a Request For Proposal, or apply to reserve your retreat today!

Watch our promo video now!


Interested in holding a retreat?

  • Submit an Inquiry to receive more information and a custom quote.

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