Binky Huff Scholarship Fund

Binky Huff Scholarship Fund

Having now completed 60 years of ministry, Eagle Eyrie continues striving to fulfill its mission of providing a Christian environment where people come to discover, develop, and nuture their spiritual lives.

Binky Huff Scholarship FundOver the last few years, Eagle Eyrie has assumed programming responsibility for a number of conferences such as Missions Connection Celebration (MC2) and the Special Needs Retreat. In 2012 alone, we have furnished full or partial scholarships for over 100 individuals so that they may be blessed through these events.

Due to current economic conditions, we are receiving more and more requests for scholarship dollars. At the same time, however, we are dealing with increases to our operational expenses, which will impede our ability to grant such requests. This is where you can help us!

Binky Huff Scholarship FundIn honor of our previous director, we are establishing the Binky Huff Scholarship Fund to assist us in meeting this need. By giving to this brand new fund you will aloo more guest the opportunity to encounter God on His mountain.

We ask that you consider a year-end contribution in helping us reach our goal of $25,000 to establish this fund.

Without a doubt, your generosity will make a difference in the lives of many children, youth, and even adult students with special needs. Of course, all gifts are tax-deductible. Our secure online donation form will safely process your donation.

Please feel free to call us at 434.384.2211 with any questions or concerns. Thank you in advance for your support!