Campus Information & Policies

ADDRESS FOR MAIL TO GUESTS: Please include return address. Mail received for a guest after an event will be returned to sender.

Person’s Name
Group Name
Name of Conference
Eagle Eyrie Baptist Conference Center
1 Eagle Eyrie Drive
Lynchburg, VA  24503

PHONE CALLS: We are not able to put incoming calls through directly to guests. Messages will be taken and delivered to them.

REGISTRATION: Guests are expected to register and attend all scheduled conferences while at Eagle Eyrie. Special arrangements must be made if arriving after 8:00pm. Room check-out time is 11:00am.

ACCOMMODATIONS: Each person or group will be held responsible for equipment and property in his/her room or lodge and for the loss, defacing or destruction of any properties of Eagle Eyrie. Moving of furnishings to another room or building is not permitted and will be considered a loss. IF LOSS, DAMAGE OR MISUSE OCCURS, THE CHURCH RESPONSIBLE WILL BE BILLED ACCORDINGLY.

CHAPERONES: Each children’s or youth group must be adequately chaperoned by a ratio of 1:6 of the same sex. The persons in charge of each group will be responsible for the conduct of the same.  A minimum of two (2) adults who are not related is required.  NO MIXED GROUPS ALLOWED TO GATHER IN BEDROOMS except in the presence of chaperones.  This ratio should be in effect at all times and campers should never be unsupervised at any time.

ENTRANCE GATE: The entrance gate to Eagle Eyrie remains open while guests are on campus.

SPEED LIMIT & PARKING: The speed limit while on Eagle Eyrie grounds is fifteen (15) miles per hour.  Vehicles must be parked in designated parking areas.

QUIET HOURS: Quiet hours are observed from 12:00 midnight-6:00am.  Groups are expected to observe the rights of others to peace and quiet during these hours .

PROHIBITED ITEMS: Radios, televisions, CD and MP3 players, electronic game devices, fireworks, firearms, dangerous weapons, skateboards and bicycles are prohibited.  Please do not bring hot plates, heaters and other similar types of equipment.  Eagle Eyrie is not responsible for personal equipment and possessions, including sports equipment.

ALCOHOL, DRUGS, & SMOKING: The use of alcohol, illegal drugs, and smoking is prohibited while on Eagle Eyrie grounds.

WILDLIFE: Wildlife should not be touched or approached at any time.  Any animal has the potential of being dangerous.  Also, the unnecessary killing or injuring of wildlife as well as the cutting of trees, shrubs, and wildflowers is prohibited.  Pets are not allowed according to state law.

CAMPING: The use of tents, campers and other recreational vehicles is prohibited.  Otter Creek campground is located on the Blue Ridge Parkway fifteen minutes from Eagle Eyrie.

SWIMMING POOL (Summer Use Only): The following rules must be observed during swimming pool use:  No running, no horseplay, no chewing gum, no food or drinks, no glass bottles or aluminum cans, no Eagle Eyrie towels at the pool, no diving, no hanging on basketball rims or lane lines, and lifeguards must be obeyed at all times.  Each group is required to make sure they know of any non-swimmers in their group through prior testing and to instruct them that they must remain in the shallow end of the pool until they demonstrate their ability to swim a certain distance.

FIRST AID & EMERGENCIES: Groups are required to provide at least one adult with first aid and CPR training from a nationally recognized provider, according to the group you are bringing (i.e. adults, children or infants).  Groups are also required to obtain, for their own   records, medical release forms from each participant.  The forms must include participant’s name and address, emergency contact names and phone numbers, and a list of allergy treatments.  All accidents must be reported to the office as soon as possible.  Groups are responsible for providing emergency transportation or phoning 911 in an emergency. Groups are also responsible for providing their own first aid equipment or supplies.  In the event of any other emergency, Eagle Eyrie staff will notify you concerning additional emergency procedures.  Eagle Eyrie provides secondary accident insurance only.


Forest Fire—Eagle Eyrie staff will drive around campus in Eagle Eyrie vehicle with a megaphone to inform guests to proceed to the Auditorium for further instruction to evacuate the facility.  Firefighters will assist at the main gate for proper directions.

Lightning—Guests are advised to seek shelter in the case of severe thunderstorms.  At the pool, lifeguards will close the pool and guests will be notified to seek shelter.  Pool will reopen 15 minutes after such storm has passed.

Ticks—If a camper has a tick pulled off, the parents should be notified immediately in case symptoms arise at a later time.  The tick should be saved for examination. Be advised: deer spread more ticks than dogs.

Snakes—Only qualified Eagle Eyrie staff should handle and dispose of snakes properly.  In case of snakebites, call 911.

Loss of Power—Eagle Eyrie has an emergency generator for the Voight Conference Center.  Groups will be given instruction and provided with alternate light sources as needed.  Lodges are equipped with fireplaces as auxiliary heating sources.

Security—During events, Eagle Eyrie provides security personnel on campus at all times.

Counselors’ Meeting—At the beginning of each event, a Counselors’ Meeting is to be called where groups are informed of Eagle Eyrie’s safety guidelines and general polices, including emergency procedures for severe storms, tornados, and exposure to extreme heat or cold.

Emergencies—Emergency telephone numbers and directions to Lynchburg General Hospital are posted at all main buildings.

Those persons or organizations unaffiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention and/or the Baptist General Association of Virginia using the facilities at Eagle Eyrie should not assume that this implies any sponsorship or support by either of the above organizations. Integrity of compliance is expected by those using the facility.